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Lingzhi Master Ganoderma Spore Bioactive Lipid 150's

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Lingzhi Master - Ganoderma Spore Bioactive Lipid is extracted from the Red Lingzhi spore. Recent research showed that the bioactive substance has the lipid base. The bioactive substance is extracted using the patented technique. After germination and sporoderm breaking, supercritical CO2 liquid extraction is applied in order to obtain the bioactive lipid. As it is the highly concentrated essence of Ganoderma spore, it is more potent in immuno-modulation.
  • General health: 2 capsules to be taken, 2 times daily
  • Adjunct therapy (mild): 3 capsules to be taken, 2 times daily
  • Adjunct therapy (severe): 3-6 capsules to be taken, 3 times daily

*Dosage mentioned above is the suggested dose. Please contact your medical doctor for further medical advice

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