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“Kyushin Pills” made from genuinely rare medical materials can nourish the heart, smooth the circulation, dissolve stasis and drive away diseases. This medicine has been extracted in advanced scientific methods, and pharmacological study of it has shown that it can strengthen the heart,improve the cardiac function, expand the coronary artery, and increase the blood supply of cardiac muscles. Moreover, clinical testing has shown that it has no toxic side effect, is highly safe. It is characterized by rational prescription, exquisite techniques in preparations, and easiness in carrying, so it is an indispensable fine medicine most suitable for daily use and travelling life.

Pieces per Container

100 Pills

Product Usage

Adults: 2 pills each time, 3 times daily for mild and middle-degreed patients; increase to 4 pills each time, 3 times daily with discretion for serious patients. The limit of daily dosage is 12 pills. It should be administered with lukewarm boiled water in the morning, after supper and before going to bed.

Product Warnings

1. Never use it together with digitaloid cardiac stimulants.
2. It cannot be used for patients with peptic ulcer or chronic colitis.

Storage Condition

It should be sealed tightly and stored in dry and shady places where children are unable to access.


It supplements the vital energy and nourishes the heart. It applies to treatment of heart aches, suffocative feeling in the chest, panting, dizziness, palpitation, weariness in spirit and lack in strength, cold sweat, feeling cold in the hands and feet, anorexia and edema etc. caused by deficiency of the vital energy and blood stasis.



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