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Great Wall Brand Huo Hsiang Cheng Chi Pien 12 Bottles

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Anti-sunstroke, anti-heat stroke, stomachache, anti-vomiting and diarrhea
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Ingredients :
Herba Pogostemonis, Poria, Cortex Magnoliae Officinalis, Pericarpium Arecae, Radix Angelicae Dahuricae, Rhizoma Atracty Lodies, Folium Perillae, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae, Radix Glycyrrhizae, Pinelliae Rhizoma

Weight: 0.6g per tablet, 8 tablets per bottle, 12 bottles per box Validity: As shown on package Storage: Seal tightly. Avoid direct sunlight. Keep in a dark, cool and dry place. Directions: 4 to 8 tablets to be taken orally twice a day

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