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Old Pot Rice Noodles

Taiwan’s Rice Noodles Began from the 150 Year-Old Old Pot
The winding Keya riverside has been irrigating the racks of rice noodles made with hard work and sweat for over the past century, while the terrain-induced monsoon takes away the moisture of the rice noodles, leaving behind the unique taste which accomplished the Hsinchu rice noodles, a good taste of Taiwan!
The origin of Taiwanese rice noodles began from the Old Pot Rice Noodles, which was introduced to Taiwan when ancestor Chien Kuo with four children including Chuan Kuo came to settle in Taiwan from Hui’an, Fujian, China in 1858; it was discovered that the Hsinchu region abounds in rice production, together with the convenience of access to water from the Keya River, as well as the unique monsoon of the Hsinchu region, which build up the three main requirements for producing rice noodles, hence he began to produce rice noodles when taking breaks from farming, which became a popular dish for entertaining guests at banquets back then due to the excellent taste, therefore he transformed to become a professional rice noodles manufacturer, which initiated the centennial glory of Taiwan’s Hsinchu rice noodles for over the past century.