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In 1894 a German professor Alexander Backhaus succeeds in developing food that is suitable for infants. In 1896 Martinus van der Hagen, founder of the steam dairy factory in Zegwaard, gains the exclusive rights to produce food for baby from cow milk with the Backhaus-method. In 1901 the N.V. Nutricia is founded. Nutricia, from the Latun word 'nutrire' (= feeding), means something like feeder of little. This has been the symbol of Nutricia for years. 

Nutricia has had close connections with the medical profession for a long time. During the First World War the first diet products were developed jointly, amongst others there were low sugar milk for diabetics and iodinated milk for goitre patients. After the Second World War Nutricia developed itself more and more as a producer of knowledge-intensive foods, with its own Research department and tasting factory. Besides the food Nutricia also hold service in high esteem. Around the fifties a team of traveling dietitians was founded. They taught doctors and nurses. Around the eighties we can see the development of the current Customer support.

The products of Nutricia were in the beginning sold in special Nutricia shops. Later the products we distributed via supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies.