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In 1965 one of the first UK weather wear companies to use nylon in their garments was formed called G & H Products. Its founders, Brian Gaskin and Roy Holmes (from Batley, West Yorkshire), where outdoor walking, climbing and pot-holing enthusiasts who saw a gap in the market. After successful design achievements (including the creation of the "Cagjack") they were approached by the mountaineering expedition team of Chris Bonington to design their weather wear for the successful 1975 Everest Expedition.

Gaskin designed the Everest garments himself. This propelled G & H Products to new heights and, with fresh capital, they discovered the Clarke Brothers in Hebden Bridge who made walking trousers and breeches. The brothers were selling their business, called Craghoppers, because they wanted to retire. G&H Products bought Craghoppers and took the name as it befitted the aim of the company. The company was in financial difficulties and was later sold and taken over by the Regatta Group in 1995. In 2008 Craghoppers partnered up with TV's survival expert Bear Grylls, they worked with him in producing a range of clothes designed especially for him to wear in extreme conditions.

In October 2014 Craghoppers became an exclusive National Geographic's licensed apparel partner for North America.