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The success story of Odlo - from women's underwear to functional sportswear


After working in a factory for apparel machines, Odd Roar Lofterød started making lingerie in 1947. Soon after, he was inspired by his son, who was a member of the Norwegian youth squad in speed skating, to develop training pants out of Helanca fibers that withstood the cold. As early as 1963 Lofterød launched the first Helanca fiber suit for cross-country skiers and speed skaters - in 1972, 22 national teams wore those suits at the Olympic Winter Games in Sapporo. A little later, the company developed the first fully synthetic sports underwear.

Today Odlo's assortment goes far beyond sports underwear. Outerwear, baselayer and underwear are available for a wide variety of sports: from ski appareloutdoor apparel, cross-country skiing and running apparel to bike apparel and general fitness and training wear.

Odlo takes on environmental and societal responsibility


The Norwegian-based company not only places great importance on the sustainability of its products, but also on fair working conditions during their production: 73% of its products are therefore produced in its own factories in Portugal and Romania to ensure a high quality and adequate working conditions, but also to reduce transport routes. In addition, Odlo is a leading member of the Fair Wear Foundation, which is committed to better working conditions in the textile industry, and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, which focuses on the production of sustainable clothing.

In order to draw attention to the values of the company and the associated quality and longevity of the products, Odlo uses brand ambassadors. These include the Swiss cross-country Olympic champion Dario Cologna, who provides the company with valuable input for new developments. Other members of the Odlo family are Nino Schurter and Jenny Rissveds, two exceptional talents in the mountain bike scene, professional triathlete Anthony Meager and running expert and coach Ingalena Heuck.